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Biz Klix Delivers Free Website Traffic

"Promise only what you can deliver...
then deliver a little extra."

At Biz Klix We Deliver!

  • Targeted Website Traffic
    Real people ready to view your ads. No bots, software or cheaters burning up your hard earned credits.
  • Highly Visible Website Ads
    Our online advertising system shows all of your Login Ads, Startpage Ads, Full Page Ads as well as Banner and Text Ads.
  • Ad Tracking with Real Time Stats
    Our State of The Art script provides you with detailed tracking stats to help you make sound decisions regarding where you spend your advertising time and money.
  • Up to 70% Commissions
    Your promotional efforts are Highly Valued and we pay accordingly! We provide your with professionally designed promotional splash pages and banner ads. We also give you Personalized tools complete with your image, your name and social contact icons like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Referral Rewards
    Ongoing Rewards and Cash for active promoters.
  • Referral Credits
    Our active promoters enjoy up to 30% Referral Credits from their referrals surfing.
  • Social Branding
    We have Social Branding on our surfbar. When our members view your website ads they also see you and your social links. That promotes You!
  • Daily Surf Rewards
    Claim Extra credits, banner or text impressions everyday and sometimes Cash!
  • Surf and Chat
    Our Multiple surfbar chatboxes give you the ability to network with other surfers on numerous LFMTE sites and with other Biz Klix Members.
  • Frequent Promotions
    We are constantly networking with other sites to bring you Special Promotions with tons of Cash, Credits and Free Advertising.
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    Our Support System ensures your questions are answered promptly.

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